Friday, March 18, 2011

Swimming on St. Patrick's day

I can't believe it has almost been a years since we left the Netherlands and headed on this adventure back home.
It has been so wonderful to be home, to be near family and to participate in family activities.
It has taken me more then a year to get back to blogging but I decided it was time for me to start. So here is my first blog since being back in the states.
Today is St. Patrick's day and we are on Spring Break. My girls have been begging me to let them go swimming. They swear that they are dieing of heat and the must go swimming. (It has been in the 80's all week... Beautiful spring weather). So I decided today to let them in the pool (which is only about 60 degrees). I figured they would be in and out so fast and the whole thing would be over. NOOOOO... They spent a good hour swimming in the pool, having fun. They said the ocean in the Netherlands was way colder. At least the pool will get plenty of use right!
Happy St. Patty's day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

apple picking

It is Autum time and the Apples are ripe. One of our friends from church had the idea to take the kids up apple picking this week during October Break. It was so much fun. I of course forgot my camera... So I had to ask Alison to take just one picture for me. Her camera is great. Makes my camera look so low quality. Anyways, I am greatful for this one picture of the girls picking apples.

The girls were very speedy at apple picking. I think due to there training at orange picking at Grandpa Jones's farm. Before we had been there 5 minues Kaitlyns bag was so full she couldn't put any more in it. I dicided it was time to get out of the apple orchards before I had more apples then I could dream of dealing with.. I was already at the point of having so many that I was going to have to come up with things to bake and give away to the neighbors.

The apples were delicious. I have made a very good apple crumble so far. The girls have been eating a bunch of apples each day too.

It was a fun great fall actitivity.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The twisted Sisters

Brian made use of his day at home being sick and hunched over and finished editing our latest movie and I love it! I am so proud to post our newest family show!

Please enjoy our presentation of the "Twisted Sisters"

the Rockers

In prepration for filming our next video we had to prepare the girls hair and makeup. We had so much fun and I must say they make excellent Rockers. Can't wait until Brian finishes editing the movie so we can post it!

The 3rd of October

We went to the 3rd of October celebration in Leiden this year. Watch the paraid and put Kaitlyn in charge of taking pictures. she did an excellent job taking pictures. The them of the parade was the American dream because it was some # anversary from when the pilgrams left Leiden to go to America. It is interesting watching another country sum your country up into a paraid. It actually was very comical.

The rest of the day was a lot of fun enjoy all the rollercoasters and fun carnival stuff to do. Lets not forget the oliebollen! You have to love the Dutch for something and ollibollen is one of those things. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliebol

Our Star-bound Brooke

Brooke came down the stairs and declared she was ready!


It is time for me to do some Blogging again.
Every September our town does a week were every night the town goes out walking together for about 5 kilometers. The girls love going out and walking with there friends and the best part is the Metals that they get at the end!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mahna Mahna

We already posted this once, but now the video has been edited to its full emotional power. Enjoy Mahna Mahna!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the great tooth brush caper

Our latest attraction. This is loosely based on a number of real incidents. (Very loosely...)
Brian's mom just went home and we had the most enjoyable time with her visiting us. It is always sad to have her leave.

The original plan for her coming was that Brian and I were going to go to Italy to Rome while she was here with the girls. But my toe was infected and their were so many Doctors appointments that we canceled everything. This is the second vacation my toe has messed up.
It was nice being here though and actually getting to visit with her and spend time with her and the girls and it gave me good time to rest.

I went to the doctor on Friday because I was done with my antibiotic and the doctor wanted to check my toe. The first doctor was concerned that my toe was still red and that I still had pain. So she went and got another doctor who looked at it and asked if could bend my toe which I can't. So she felt like we probably needed to do surgery on it again. So she went and got the surgeon who came in and looked at it and said well lets try one more thing. The surgeon said lets put you on Stronger anti-biotic that are for killing off difficult bacteria, for one week and we will see how it looks next Friday. So I said great, as long as I can avoid surgery I am fine.

I went to pick up my anti-biotic, they were the same ones I had had before. I went back to the hospital and pointed out this fact. They said it is the strongest they can give me. They said to go ahead and take them for the week and they will see how it looks next week.

Also had a talk with the kidney Doctor a few weeks ago, he told me I hadn't had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics like the originally thought. They are really confused why my kidneys shut down and are wondering if there is any family history of kidney problems. Anyone have any info... That would be helpful.

Below are the pictures of my toe and it's progression......

This is my toe right after surgery in the hospital in August

This is my Toe at the begining of September just before they put me on Antibiotics....

This picture is my toe today... Antibiotics helped but my toe is still red and infected... I can't wait until it is all better!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The family movie

We have been making a fun fantasy movie for the family. This is the first section. It has only taken 3 months for Brian to do the editing of the first ten minutes of the film!

The Guardians

Monday, August 31, 2009

herbal stuff

I'm looking for Herbal information for things I can do to help the health of my kidneys... Kind of tired of just waiting... I feel like there has to be something I can do besides drink 3 liters of water everyday.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brooke loves Make-up

Brian has had fun with the children this week. I would have to say he is a great and amazing dad.

Brooke managed to find some lipstick and put it on. She loves make-up so much.

Brian had to laugh at her creation. He said she reminded him of a little joker. I just love how big her eyes are!

Brian's next painting...

This Painting Brian did for Brianna. She told him what colors to use and how she wanted it done. She was very opinionated about it. I think it is beautiful.

Enjoying summer days

The girls and their friends enjoyed a nice day outback in the sun on the trampoline with the waterhose and a small swimpool. It is amazing how long they can stay busy with such a simple activity.

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